The chains of habit are too tight to be felt until they’re too strong to be broken

Samuel Johnson

Is self-loathing & self-sabotage ruining your health, decimating your bank account, destroying your relationships and preventing you from creating the life of your dreams?

Do you keep promising yourself tomorrow will be different, only to do the same infuriating self-destructive thing again and again?

I hear you!!
Helen here, and I can tell you that I have been there, done that, and bought the “I suck” T-shirt!

Here’s the good news:
Freedom from the chains of self-loathing & self-sabotage IS possible. And it’s much simpler than you’ve been lead to believe!

Everyday I work with incredible people who, despite their fierce dedication and self-discipline, are plagued by self-loathing, a shameful habit, or a self-destructive behaviour that they repeat over and over again, despite all their best efforts and intentions to stop!

Together we work to identify the headworms and limiting beliefs that are keeping them stuck, and we begin to re-wire new empowering habits into the brain and body through a process of practise, patience and perseverance.

We destroy negative thinking and disordered habits day by day, step by step until it’s done!

There’s an art and a science to breaking self-loathing and self-destructive behaviours and I can guide you to freedom in a practical, no-nonsense, let’s-get-to-business kinda way!

But … here’s the KICKER …

YOU BUILT THE CHAINS OF HABIT (however un-intentionally),

Are to you ready to do the work?
Are you ready to change?
Are you ready to say goodbye to self-loathing and self-sabotage once and for all?

It’s time to break chains,
unleash your fullest potential,
and finally create the life that you so richly deserve.



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I spent more than half of my life thinking that I was never good enough, pretty enough, thin enough. These bad thoughts/beliefs lead me into bad relationships. Self sabotage was my “middle name”. I felt I needed “control”.
From under eating to over eating to over exercising to bingeing and purging to taking up to 8 laxatives everyday for a whole year….Boom! I thought that was my life written for me.

This is where Helen Bennett changed my life forever! I clicked with Helen from day one – free consultation.. this day was my saviour 🙏🏻 Helen talked to me like I was one of her best friends. Teaching me things that I never even thought my mind would adapt to in such a positive way. My 12 week programme delved me and Helen into things from my past to present that I didn’t think were even an issue in my life. But these things were exactly what was keeping me in the same, stuck, self sabotaging place. This woman has amazing personal and educational experiences that all women need to know and learn from!! Not only has she saved me but she has saved & changed the lives of my two beautiful girls and my husband “to be” forever. Forever I am and will be grateful ❤

Orla -Ireland

“When I found Helen’s website I was pretty much desperate. I felt so out of control with my food. I’d gone from severe restriction, calorie counting, measuring myself every day to binging and purging. I knew I couldn’t keep going like this. If you’re expecting a quick fix, this definitely isn’t it. Helen gives you tools and resources to help you overcome your eating disorder. She really looks at it from a holistic perspective and will walk with you every step of the way. It’s going to require some courage, determination and time to turn things around, but with Helens help it really is possible!”

Hannah – Australia