Is your inner butterfly begging you to step into the cocoon ?

Take it from a former caterpillar ….
If you don’t honour that inner voice that is calling you to change, then you will always wonder, “What if I had just tried?
I hear you sista! But doing what it takes to spread those butterfly wings can be painful, and the fear of that pain can be downright debilitating.
Perhaps you have even tried before and failed?
Well, this time, you don’t have to go it alone.

Transformational Life Coaching

Everyday I work with cool caterpillars and watch as they become bold butterflies!!!
Becoming who you were born to be, doing what you were born to do, can be as easy as changing your underwear. But for most of us who have been through the mill of heart-ache, struggle, failure, depression or addiction, it takes asking for a little help.
I know from experience .
It took teachers, guides and mentors to break me free of crippling self-loathing and suicidal depression, and to live a truly incredible life. Sure, I may have made it through the cocoon alone, but there’s no doubt that it was the support of those wonderful people who gave me the courage to step into the cocoon and re-build.

If fear has held you back in the past then it’s time to cut yourself a little slack. Give yourself a little TLC (Transformational Life Coaching). Because there’s nothing like having a coach to challenge you, support you and celebrate with you!

It’s time to step into your beauty,
express your authentic awesomeness,
unleash your potential,
and finally be
who you’ve always known yourself to be.