Questions? You’ve come to the right place.

If you’ve landed here then your inner butterfly is stirring – it’s telling you that there just might be a way out of the madness and someone who can help you create the life you’ve been dreaming of.
But you’re still a little hesitant.
“Who is this Helen woman?
What does she know about helping me change my life?
Could this all just be BS?”
So glad you asked! I’ll do my best to answer your questions, quell your concerns, and inspire the bejeezus out of you at the same time.

Hels Bels here!

I am happy to report that I have lived a pretty awesome life! I have started successful businesses, travelled the world, married an incredible man, worked with amazing people, banished debt and built investments that make little money babies while I sleep.

All in all I am a healthy, happy and free human!

“Hold up Helen”, I hear you say.
“Your life sounds pretty cushy.
What about real challenge, real hurt, real fear?
How do I know that you can relate to what I’m going through?”

Okay then, let’s not beat about the bush. I’ve had my fair share of pain. You see, in my teens and early twenties I suffered from such severe self-loathing and depression that I tried to kill myself. A few times. Mercifully committing suicide is NOT one of my many talents!

I was also severely bulimic and despite my best efforts and a desperate desire to change, I was trapped in a viscous eating disorder from which it felt impossible to escape. No matter how I tried, or how much discipline I exerted, I simply couldn’t go a day without throwing up my food. I had almost given up on trying to beat bulimia when I reached out to a Recovery Coach and a Kinesiologist, and with their support, their guidance, and their homework assignments (!!!), the chains of bulimia lost their strength, the scales were tipped. Freedom became the new norm.

And also professionally, as a serial entrepreneur, I discovered the pain and public embarrassment of investing EVERYTHING into a passion project and losing it ALL (and then some)!
It was devastating. My reputation was in tatters. I had lost a decade’s worth of savings and almost as much again in debt. And worst of all I experienced a shattering loss of self-confidence. I was petrified that all of my past success had just been due to luck, and my deepest fear was that I was actually a fraud, a sham, a one-trick-pony. I never wanted to take a chance again.

So how did break free from being a lonely, suicidally depressed and addicted woman, who’d just lost her business, was drowning in debt, crippled by self-doubt and petrified to take a chance? How did I become an abundant, financially free, radically self-loving woman, who does work she loves, and is filled with intense joy on a daily basis?

The same way that you can turn your life around and become the incredible woman you were born to be!

All of my “achievements” have boiled down to three things:
1. Trusting my instincts (that butterfly inside you knows what you’re capable of).
2. Taking massive action.
3. Working with an array of wonderful teachers and coaches who have helped me bust through my barriers, destroy my headworms, and who kept me taking a step forward when I was scared $#*!less.

There’s a science and an art to becoming your best self.
I can teach you the science and I can help you be the artist of your destiny.
It takes courage.
It takes work.
It takes perseverance.
It takes asking for the guidance and support of mentors, teachers and coaches along the way.
The results are always worth it.

Oh, and here are a few relevant qualifications:
I qualified and used to work as a Yoga Teacher and a CrossFit Trainer.
I am a qualified IIN Health Coach (with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition) and Strategic Intervention Life Coach (with the Tony Robbins/ Chloe Madanes school for Results coaching)
I am currently studying Transformational Addiction Recovery Coaching and Psychedelic Integration with Being True To You.